We were honored to have had the opportunity to sail on a cruise ship from Sri Lanka, through Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong to Japan. The ship belongs to a Japanese non-profit organization called Peace Boat which was founded exactly 40 years ago. Its mission is to establish better understanding and peace among Asian countries whose past is burdened by conflicts. To date, Peace Boat has circumnavigated the globe 115 times and has held numerous educational programs and peace advocacy activities on board for its passengers. These programs mainly focus on sustainable development and environmental protection, as well as nuclear disarmament and fundamental human rights.

On the 115th global voyage of Peace Boat, we were invited as guest lecturers and participated in the program with several public meetings, lectures, and workshops; on the topic of photography as a tool for social change and personal development, as well as yoga and its positive impacts.

During the two weeks of sailing, along with daily hours of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga, we held two photography workshops. One of these workshops was designed for all passengers and revolved around mindful photography as a tool for reflection on their experiences during the three-month voyage around the world. Additionally, we conducted a therapeutic photography workshop aimed at encouraging participants from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea to express themselves more confidently in English, without fear of mistakes and with less pressure regarding perfect language proficiency.

Throughout the journey, we had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people from Asia and exploring beautiful ports, archipelagos, and distant seas. We will be sharing some of our experiences in upcoming posts.