This program, designed to reflect upon one’s past, present, and future, is especially suitable for those who find themselves at the life crossroads, going through milestones whether they are a consequence of the economic crisis, aging, separation, the loss of a loved one, or simply our own desire to live a different life, to become an improved version of ourselves.
At the workshop, participants will combine independent work with photographs – from their shooting and selecting to reading their narratives – with group discussion and exchange of the experience, which will lead to building new ground of understanding self and others.
Mindfulness and photography are both rooted in the present moment, in the idea of focusing, and combined can help us to temporarily let go of our goals, hopes, and anxieties and immerse ourselves into our true selves by noticing different phenomena from the outer world.
Getting to know a few tricks of photography framing and compositions can make you see the world with different eyes, put you in a playful position, and thus bring you into a state of mind that is light and clear but still energetic, relieving but receptive. And all anyone needs is a smartphone or tablet camera.
That is why this workshop is intended for all those who simply love photography and feel the need to creatively identify where they are on the timeline of their own lives.