Eternal Summer


from June 15th to June 22nd, 2024

We have organize a photography program on Iž Island in late spring.

It is a therapeutic photography workshop designed for those who left behind various rough paths but now find themselves opening up to new horizons of the long-awaited summer.

In theories concerning human reactions to inevitable life changes, the seasons represent different phases of transition. Autumn signifies an end, winter represents emptiness, and spring symbolizes rebirth and growth. Summer is not mentioned, because we all know:

Summer is the goal. Summer is the reward. Summer is love. Summer is a life filled with meaning.

But first, let us remind ourselves what therapeutic photography is.

The ubiquity of photography in modern society can be attributed, among other things, to the therapeutic effect that the act of shooting, as well as subsequent observation and archiving of photographs, has, whether we are aware of it or not. The great need for visualization of our own experiences and ideas is best evidenced by the popularity of social media. Photography is a medium that has the power to stimulate dialogue, mutual understanding, and connection, as well as a sense of our uniqueness. When used consciously, and intentionally, it can lead to stress reduction, increased motivation and creativity, and consequently self-confidence, self-efficacy, and overall resilience to challenges.

Through photography, we can successfully explore our self-image and important relationships, express emotions, beliefs, and attitudes, as well as improve communication with others. Conscious exploration of latent and active emotions through photographic tasks, guided or free thinking about what has been captured, and the exchange of experiences within the group make therapeutic photography programs a powerful tool for self-perception.

The ability of therapeutic photography to reveal the hidden premises of our consciousness stems from the period of life when we did not have words to express what we experienced. In early childhood, sight was the dominant sense of the world around us, and images were the prevailing bridge between the inner and outer universe.

And now, we invite you to reflect on the idea of ​​summer, to establish a relationship with your lights, and more or less tangible goals, and to ask yourself how close you are to achieving them. If you have come to understand the wisdom of Albert Camus and his conclusion that “amid winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer,” this workshop can help you capture the beauty of that realization through photography. It can also help you deepen your understanding of it, share it with others, and celebrate it.

Regardless of the type of winter that has passed– whether it was mild but still gray and confusing, or sharp like a Murakami storm– photography can help you reflect on what you have gone through and where you are now. It can provide a shortcut to finding yourself again, unexpectedly.

Whatever lies behind or ahead of the point you are at, we invite you to join us in observing and documenting the world within and around us.

Photography, especially when mindful, is akin to mindfulness techniques, as it directs us to pause the habitual flow of thoughts; to focus and external sensations whose perception has roots in our spirit; and to consciously be here and now.

Moreover, one of the expected outcomes of the workshop is the enhancement of visual culture and photographic expression, so we recommend the program to all lovers of this emotionally powerful medium.

To participate, all you need is the camera of your smart device, or another digital camera, and the willingness to talk about what you capture to the extent that you decide. It is recommended that participants bring an attractive notebook to the island where they can paste photos and write down their thoughts, memories, dreams, and similar, as they will be provided with printed photographs.

PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS FOR THE WORKSHOP: The workshop will take place over six sessions at a cost of 180 Euros, and only twelve participants will be allowed. The deadline for applying for participation is June 1st, 2024, and you can do so via email at or, taht are available for other questions, too.


We hope you will join us in the collective welcoming of summer and immerse yourself in the refreshing experience of photography and storytelling about the captured views.

Organization: Hotel Korinjak and Small business SVJETLOPIS