Retreats made to measure

Keeping in mind the codependent relationship between mind and body, together with our partners from the hospitality industry, we organize 3, 5, and 7-day retreats based on mindfulness techniques, yoga, and creative photo expression, all adjusted to the specific requirements of different individuals and groups.

Regardless of the retreat specifics, they are all designed to help people improve overall well-being, reconnect with self and nature, and develop a more conceptual, contemplative, and, thus, artistic side of photographs.

In addition to the reflective photographic, yoga, meditation, and pranayama breathing practice found in our offers, the Mediterranean ambiance of the Adriatic islands never fails to deepen the sensations of the mind and body and opens up new insights.

The combination of all mentioned within the supportive group of similar-minded people can help defeat anxious and depressed feelings, change the perception of one’s life and give a new sense of direction one should turn. In short, our retreats could help one become empowered by laying the ground for new ways of understanding oneself and others but could be beneficial just by providing deep relaxation from the frenetic pace and insecurity of our times.