Yoga as a discipline originated in ancient India, but its popularity has grown globally since the mid-20th century due to its vast benefits to humans’ physical and mental conditions.
Scientific evidence shows that regular yoga practice can improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance of the body, together with stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and quality sleep.
Aside from practicing specific movements and postures, known as asanas, that help the joints, ligaments, and muscles stretch and strengthen, the yoga discipline also emphasizes breath control and meditation, fostering the sense of being aware of the self in the present moment.
We consider yoga a relaxing enrichment to our therapeutic and mindful photography program that provides preparation for a deep connection with one’s inner self. Adjustable to all ages with its non-competitive exercises, yoga suits supportive group dynamics.

The type of yoga we offer in our retreats, based on ashtanga tradition and pranayama breathing exercises, is enriched by adaptations that draw inspiration from vinyasa and hatha yoga, all modified to meet the needs of people living contemporary challenges.