annual revision : FLUID / FIXED

Last year, a diverse group of individuals gathered in Zagreb to discuss personal growth and how it intersects with various perspectives. This year, we met again to reflect on our progress and explore the fluidity within ourselves. We used photography as a tool to identify what we can change and what we cannot, but can still provide support.

Due to the presence of a new participant, in addition to our previous acquaintance, the workshop had a more mature and refined character. We took the time to reintroduce ourselves to the new participant and got to know their viewpoints. As a result, the photographs produced had a greater exploratory and communicative power.

The group’s warmth of experiences, insights, and mutual support dispelled the frosty January weather. They illuminated various intuitions and charted further paths. Eventually, they all had a clear desire to continue and meet again, possibly next year around the same time.

Please find attached a gallery of photographic projections from our eight encounters. We hope that the magic of these images can be truly appreciated. We would also like to invite you to participate in a similar photographic workshop titled “Revision: Fluid/Fixed” which will be held in Split soon. The workshop will be led by Duška Boban and is being organized by SVJETLOPIS, a service, trade, and publishing company. Applications for the workshop are open until the end of March 2024. We look forward to hearing from you soon.