~ SPRING* Therapeutic & Mindful Photography Workshop


Spring officially starts in a week or two, but its heralds are already here. Days are growing longer and shinier, and nature is awakening, together with our willingness to spend more time outdoors in recreation that often includes photographing stunning blossoms. Furthermore, one of the most splendid things about spring is the announcement of soon to come awarding summer holidays and the sunny pleasures of the Adriatic Sea.

But then, at the beginning of springtime, an unidentified lethargy and ambiguous mood can turn out of the pale blue sky, surprising those who were looking forward to this brighter part of the year. The widespread phenomenon is recognized as spring asthenia and can be relieved in many ways. Wise advice regularly includes supplements and healthy seasonal nutrients, outdoor physical activities, proper sleep, and, if needed, ant-allergy treatments.

Anyway, the moody flavor of the springtime season isn’t only about our physical conditions but can also be considered a psychological resistance to change. As known, many acclaimed poets associated spring with the idea of the inevitable end of everything that comes to existence. That painful awareness is best treated with creative expression, and so many poems and artworks witness the absurd sense of life expiration evoked by the innocence of spring. Relating to this comes from our formative years and lessons on many facts and skills but rarely on how to cope with the passage of time and the transience of literally everything. Why to start anything when I would be deprived of it anyway? one might wonder.

This photography workshop celebrates all that disappeared from our lives in one form but kept existing in another – as the inalienable memories or experiences that became an important part of who we are. For that reason, we will contemplate family photo albums that will help us recall past springs, sweet and promising, or those that hadn’t seemed meaningful from the beginning but then led us to the most precious moments and values of our lives.
During the workshop, we wish to devote ourselves to the objective and symbolic flourishing beauty, following reflective photographic assignments to preserve it all in our snapshots.
In a supportive group of photography lovers, we also plan to sense days ahead that will reassure us of the good choices we have been dealing with these days.

After all, spring is the season of new beginnings and one of the most photogenic periods of the year. Therefore, we invite you to mindfully observe and record through photographs the awakening of the world around and within us. And for participation, all you need is a digital camera on your smartphone or tablet. 

The four-week program will start in March and includes eight two-hour meetings organized in a schedule that we will try to adjust to the possibilities of 10 participants maximum. 

For more information, please, feel free to contact us via info@scarabay-photography.com or at 098 320 960.